VW Golf R | Ceramic Paint Coating Protection by Ceramic Pro Orlando

You know that gorgeously glossy high shine look a car has right after great professional wash complete with a waxing and polish? That’s the look this 2019 Volkswagen Golf R is going to enjoy day in and day out for years to come now that we have coated this handsome vehicle with Ceramic Pro. A good washing and waxing may last for a few days, but a treatment with Ceramic Pro means looks that will last for years.

Before Ceramic Pro, this VW was n to nearly as lustrous.

Paint Correction for Cars in Orlando

Being a 2019, this new VW Golf R didn’t need much in the way of paint correction, but we still touched up a few spots prior to the coating. And we offer auto paint correction services to all of our customers from around Florida because without it, our application of Ceramic Pro will seal in imperfections. And we do mean seal in: a super hard coating of Ceramic Pro creates a permanent coating over the exterior of the vehicle, and in the case of this VW, where the driver chose the Silver Package, that’s actually two layers of Ceramic Pro, a super durable Ceramic Pro 9H on the bottom and a layer of high shine Top Coat as well. This nano ceramic coating material is as flexible and brilliant looking as a traditional clear coat, it’s just three times stronger and lasts for years.