The Complete Ceramic Pro Orlando and Window Tint Treatment for a BMW 650

Amazing what some hard work and great products can do, isn’t it? This 2009 BWM 650 rolled into our shop showing its decade of age. However the owner had kept the car in tip top shape maintenance wise, so it was wise indeed of him to spend a little chunk of change and have his prized Bimmer looking like new again. And new it looked when it left our shop.

But better yet, we know this 2009 BMW 650 will have its 2019 restored looks locked in for years to come thanks to the vehicle protection products we applied. This BMW is now protected by Ceramic Pro applied to the exterior and interior and also has top quality window tint. In Orlando, that’s perfect protection against the sun, the rain, and all the scuffs that come along the road.

Before paint correction, this car showed its 10 years of age.

Complete Exterior Restoration in Orlando, FL

Before we ever apply a Ceramic Pro coating to a car, we first correct and restore the paint job to like new status. This means fixing swirls and water spots, buffing and repainting scratches and scuffs, and dealing with any dents and dings, too. That way, the Ceramic Pro nano ceramic coating we apply in layers over the vehicle will secure the perfect exterior looks for years rtf come. In this case, we were thrilled the customer also wanted interior protection, which we provided with Ceramic Pro coatings on all the solid surfaces in the cabin.

The finished BMW 650 looked brand new again.

Window Tint Keeps It Cool and New

With Ceramic Pro coating much of the exterior and interior of this BMW 650, the project was almost wrapped. There was just one more step: wrapping the windows in window tint to protect the interior against the heat, glare, and fading of that hot sun in Orlando, FL. Window film for cars blocks UV light, reduces IR light, and improves the driver’s view.