Protecting the Paint on a Tesla Model 3 with Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating

There are more and more Tesla Model 3 cars in and around Orlando every day, and it only makes sense that people are turning to these highly effective and eco-friendly cars, both for their handling and their looks. Those looks can be at risk, though, given the elements at play here in Orlando. Ceramic Pro for a Tesla Model 3 can prevent the sun fading, water spots, and damage caused by road debris that can leave a great car looking not so great far too soon.

And unlike a wax job or a wash, Ceramic Pro is a permanent solution to preventing most minor cosmetic damage to your Tesla, or to your other type of car, SUV, or truck, for that matter.

Ceramic Pro for a Tesla helps its paint last for years.

Ceramic Pro and Window Tint: The Complete Car Care Package

This 2019 Tesla Model 3 owner did right by his car and got the windows and large glass roof tinted with window films that will effectively block all interior sun damage. With 99% UV reduction, the car window tint we installed will prevent fading and cracking and will maintain the resale value of this vehicle. It will also keep the cabin cooler and more comfortable, meaning less use of the AC. That in turn means longer battery life and fewer stops to recharge.