Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro for a Tesla Model S in Orlando

This sleek black Tesla Model S was only a few years old when it glided into our shop, but already the 2016 vehicle showed visible signs of external wear and tear, and testament to the fact that the driver loves his car and spends a lot of time on the road and also a reminder that roads can be pretty rough on vehicles, what with the brake dust, bouncing gravel, bits of debris, and all that sunshine and rain we get here in Florida. Ceramic Pro creates a super strong protective layer over a car’s paint job that locks in its good looks, protecting against all those sources of cosmetic damage and many more, so we were thrilled this Tesla Model S driver wanted this nano ceramic coating applied over the exterior of his car.

But first, the Tesla needed paint correction to ensure it would be restored to its ideal looks before we applied that Ceramic Pro.

This 2016 Tesla Model S needed paint correction before a Ceramic Pro coating.

Paint Correction for Cars In Orlando, FL

See all those little imperfections on the hood of this Tesla Model S? Over time as little scratches, swirls, abrasions, and other tiny bits of damage occur, they all add up and leave your car looking overall worn and aged, affecting resale value and also making your once prized car less of a prized possession. The two stage paint correction services we offer to our customers all around Central Florida can restore a vehicle’s paint job to showroom good looks. Then we apply Ceramic Pro — this Tesla owner opted for the multi-coat Silver Package — and seal in your car’s paint job for good.

Ceramic Pro can resist minor scratches and dents, it helps the vehicle shed water without spots or streaks, and it prevents sun fasting, too. Your car will look better than ever and will require less washing, too, so Ceramic Pro can even save you money over time.