Keep Your Car Looking Brand New In Orlando with Ceramic Pro

Who Said Cars Have to Age with Age?

Take a look at this 2017 Ford Explorer we recently coated with Ceramic Pro, the industry leading vehicle exterior protection product that creates a super strong barrier between auto exteriors and all the many sources of cosmetic damage out there. Why does this SUV, now nearly three years old, look as good as new?

Because this isn’t the Ford Explorer’s first Ceramic Pro treatment, rather it’s just a quick refresher coat to make sure the exterior remains as well protected as ever.

Ceramic Pro in Orlando stops sun fading, water spots, and scratches.

Ceramic Pro Keeps the Shine On

There’s nothing like the great looks of a brand new car. Even right after a car wash and detailing, older cars just don’t have the same shine and luster; their paint jobs fade and a thousand little imperfections take their toll. With Ceramic Pro, the exterior of your car will always have that like-new glossy shine and it will be highly resistant to cosmetic damage, so it will look great all the time and, right after a wash, you might just mistake it for new. What with all the sun, rain, and other regional factors, in Orlando Ceramic Pro coatings are the best way to have the best looking vehicle.