Is Ceramic Coating Worth It? The Truth About Ceramic Coating Your Car

Ceramic Pro Orlando Gold Package
Ceramic Pro Orlando Gold Package

Is Ceramic Coating for Cars Worth Paying for?

We get asked this question all the time: is ceramic coating for a car worth the price? And our answer is always a resounding yes, but not because it happens to be our business, but because it’s simply the best way to preserve the looks and value of a vehicle. An application of a top quality nanoceramic coating product like Ceramic Pro is the single best way to protect your car’s paint job against scratches, stains, fading, and all the other damage that’s caused by debris bouncing off the roadway, brake dust, grime, sunshine, rain, spills, and so much more.

Paint Correction is a VERY Important Step
Paint Correction is a VERY Important Step Quality and Experience is Most Important in Ceramic Coating

Why Is Professional Ceramic Coating for Cars the Best Approach?

You can buy a DIY ceramic coating for car kit and apply a layer (or two or four) of nanoceramic product yourself, and yes, it will cost much less than having a professional shop do the work. But you will also almost surely be unhappy with the result. The fact is that ceramic coats for cars don’t make your car look better, but rather they preserve the look of the car just as it was right before the coating. So unless you are an auto paint correction expert with all the tools and materials needed for car paint correction or else you plan to apply the ceramic coating before driving the car out of the dealership showroom, you really do need to trust the pros like us.

Paint correction on a 2011 Toyota 4Runner in Orlando FL

Why Paint Correction Has to Come First

As noted, before a car should have a product like Ceramic Pro applied, its exterior needs to be in its best possible shape. As Ceramic Pro locks in the looks, any scratches, faded areas, water spots, swirls, and other unsightly blemishes will be sealed in underneath the semi-permanent layer of ceramic coating. We do a comprehensive two-step paint correction before we coat your car — it’s the next best thing to applying Ceramic Pro in the dealership showroom.

Tesla Paint Protection Orlando Ceramic Pro
Tesla Paint Protection Orlando Ceramic Pro

But Is Professional Ceramic Pro Coating Going to Save Me Money?

Yes. And in two ways. First, think about the cost of car paint correction. (And we’ll gladly give you a free estimate there, by the way, just drive on over.) Once you have that procedure completed, you can have us apply Ceramic Pro and then never require any paint correction again. Or, if your car is brand new, get ceramic coating now and never have to worry about paint correction for years, if not for the entire life of the vehicle.

The Best Ceramic Coat Car Paint Protection Why You Should Use Ceramic Coating
The Best Ceramic Coat Car Paint Protection Why You Should Use Ceramic Coating

What Does Ceramic Coating for Cars Do, Anyway?

A ceramic car coating like Ceramic Pro essentially creates a protective armor over your vehicle. The sub-microscopic particles bond with a car’s paint and create a coating with a 9H hardness (the highest rating on the pencil hardness scale), filling paint pores and sealing out all common sources of damage. Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, so water, mud, and more slides off the car easily, or is wiped or rinsed away in seconds. The coating resists minor scratches, blocks sun fading, and prevents discoloration from chemical spills, bird droppings, sap, and more. You will need to wash your car much less frequently, and the washes will be quicker and more productive, too.

Ceramic Pro Orlando - Corvette ZR1 Ceramic Coating Orlando
Ceramic Pro Orlando – Corvette ZR1 Ceramic Coating Orlando