Clear Bra Paint Protection Film for Audi e-tron | An Electrifying Look

Audi Ceramic Coating e-tron Ceramic Pro
Audi Ceramic Coating e-tron Ceramic Pro

The Audi e-tron is a brand new entrant to the all electric car market and it has proven to be a worthy disrupter to cars like the Tesla Model X. While the e-tron may not have as much range as the Tesla crossover SUV, the e-tron has something no other carmaker can compete with: its looks. This electric SUV has the signature styling of an Audi, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, despite being in its inaugural year, this brand new 2019 Audi e-tron that came into our Orlando shop had some cosmetic damage to the body that needed attention. And more to the point, once the aesthetic restoration was done, it needed exterior protection that would ensure such damage never occurred again.

This Audi e-tron needed paint correction in Orlando.

Paint Protection for an Audi e-tron In Orlando

We completed a thorough two-stage paint correction process for this battery electric Audi e-tron, repairing scratches and scuffs that were leaving the exterior of this brand new SUV looking less than brand new. Then we applied paint protection film that will prevent the Audi from getting scratched or scuffed and that will help prevent water marks or sun fading. And if the vehicle ever does incur exterior cosmetic damage, the paint wrap we applied can be peeled away and replaced.