Ceramic Paint Coating Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup in Orlando Florida

Who said a big, tough truck shouldn’t look great, too? Not the owner of this mighty 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup, and no one who works in our ceramic coating shop, either. We were proud to thoroughly clean this big truck and then throw a coat of Ceramic Pro over its exterior. Ceramic Pro is a molecular level vehicle coating material that creates a very thin but amazingly strong and durable coat over the paint job that will protect the pain from all sorts of minor cosmetic damage.

This truck is now better protected against exterior sun fading, water spots or streaks that can create permanent markings, scratches from brambles road debris, or contact with car doors, and so many other sources of damage.

Even the biggest and most competent cars and trucks on the road still need a little help from cosmetic damage, which can affect a Ford F-350 Super Duty just the same way as it could affect a much smaller vehicle — auto paint is auto paint, so it all needs the same protection.

We use Ceramic Pro to lock in the good looks of a vehicle and to ensure that those looks are protected for years to come, even with lots of exposure to the hot Florida sun, the heavy rains, and all the rest of it out there on the roads.