Ceramic Paint Coating for Lexus LC500 by Ceramic Pro Orlando

The Lexus LC500 is one of the most stunning sports coupes on the road today, and this 2019 LC500 that recently graced our shop was a pleasure to work on. The best part about it? Because the owner chose the Ceramic Pro Gold Package, we know that this car’s good looks will last for years.

In the top of the line wheels off Ceramic Pro Gold Package like we provided for this Lexus, the vehicle’s wheels are removed in order to provide a full coating of Ceramic Pro to the wheels themselves and to provide our techs best possible access to the body of the car. We coated every inch of this car’s exterior body with multiple layers of Ceramic Pro, and we finish off with a layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat over all painted surfaces and a layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on the windshield and windows. These finally coats create that gorgeous glossy shine you can see on the 2019 Lexus LC500, and that’s a shine that will last for years.

Ceramic Pro helps cars maintain a clean and high shine look.

Ceramic Pro In Orlando Helps Cars Look Their Best

In Orlando all that sun and rain can take the shine right off a car, fading the exterior due too UV rays and leaving water marks that can become permanent. With Ceramic Pro coating your vehicle, the paint job is safe beneath layers of super strong but optically clear nano ceramic coating. The sunshine won’t fade or discolor the car’s exterior and water slides right off the hydrophobic surface, leaving minimal streaks or spots that are easily washed away.

And as Ceramic Pro also resists minor scratches and abrasions, the vehicle will look great even in trying conditions like frequent use on highways where debris and brake dust fly.