Breathing New Life Into an Audi A4 with Ceramic Pro in Orlando

A lot of our customers come in asking about what Ceramic Pro can do for their cars and we’re happy to explain that this amazing formula creates a paper thin but super strong barrier over a car’s paint job that will protect the exterior of the car against scratches, sun fading, water marks, and other damage. We’re happy to explain that Ceramic Pro coatings last for years, usually preventing all minor cosmetic damage for as long as the person owns the vehicle. And we’re happy to talk about the various Ceramic Pro package options we offer in our certified Orlando Ceramic Pro installation shop.

But what gets us even more excited than talking about what Ceramic Pro does is talking about what we do for your car, truck, or SUV before applying Ceramic Pro at all.

A black Audi A4 prior to paint restoration.

Complete Paint Restoration for Cars in Orlando

This 2007 Audi A4 soft top convertible was driving great and still a favorite vehicle of its owner, James, but when he brought it into our Orlando shop, the exterior was looking a bit careworn to say the least. But that’s where our paint correction specialists shine. See in the before picture above how the paint is faded, dull, and has lines and swirl marks that reveal the vehicle’s age? With our careful, custom restoration, soon the 2007 Audi A4 was looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Paint correction is a great investment in your vehicle, provided you follow it up with Ceramic Pro and lock in those good looks.

The Audi A4, like new with corrected paint and Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic Pro Goes the Distance

When your car is coated with Ceramic Pro, its looks are locked in. And if you brought it to our shop, those are guaranteed to be some good looks indeed. The Ceramic Pro Gold Package this Audi owner James chose guarantees many more years of these restored like-new looks.