Best Ceramic Coating Near Me Orlando

ceramic coating near me Orlando, FL
ceramic coating near me Orlando, FL

Located in Longwood Florida just outside of Orlando we service all of Central Florida.

Because every car in Central Florida needs Ceramic Pro coating and window tint if that vehicle is going to maintain its good looks and resale value over the years. In Orlando Ceramic Pro coating protects your car, both inside and out, from the elements that can cause some serious damage over the years: sunshine, rain, and humidity, to name a few.

We provide the absolute best in car ceramic coating, Ceramic Pro being our go-to product for your prized vehicle. This amazing protective liquid can be applied to both the exterior and interior surfaces of a vehicle, and it creates a permanent shield that’s as clear as glass but tough as nails.

Investing in a treatment of multi-layerable Ceramic Pro for cars in Orlando now means spending thousands less on detailing work or a whole new paint job later. But don’t worry if your ride already needs a bit of help aesthetically speaking; we offer drivers in Orlando paint detailing and restoration services before we coat your car with Ceramic Pro, so it seals in the best possible looks.

ceramic coating near me Orlando, FL
ceramic coating near me Orlando, FL

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating for Cars

And beyond the protection that a coating of Ceramic Pro offers your car, there are also looks to be considered. This advanced formula leaves your car looking shinier and newer than it has since you drove it off the lot. Just look at the gorgeous shine of this red Corvette, which looked better than ever after its coating and that will now maintain its looks for years.

Ceramic Pro Orlando - Corvette ZR1 Ceramic Coating Orlando
Ceramic Pro Orlando – Corvette ZR1 Ceramic Coating Orlando

Three Times Tougher Than Traditional Clear Coat

Once layered on a few times and fully cured, a covering of Ceramic Pro is three times harder than a traditional film clear coat. It is a permanent vehicle protection solution that resists cracks, scuffs, and scratches and that won’t break down over time. Once your car is coated with Ceramic Pro in Orlando, it is effectively protected for the life of the vehicle.

And with window tint added to the glass to prevent solar fading caused by UV rays and to reduce interior heat caused by infrared light, your vehicle will not only be better protected from damage, but it will be cooler and more comfortable within as well. So make sure to ask us about window tint for cars in Orlando, too.