Alfa Romeo Giulia | Ceramic Pro Ceramic Paint Coating in Orlando

A painter does not frame his or her picture until it’s perfect, and we don’t apply Ceramic Pro to vehicles until they are in tip top shape, with an exterior that is in showroom good quality. So how is it that we coat so many cars with Ceramic Pro in Orlando? We offer paint correction services that ensure the vehicle is looking its very best before we break out the Ceramic Pro.

Cosmetic damage makes cars look older and worn.

Paint Correction Services in Orlando

This Alfa Romeo Giulia was hardly an old vehicle when it came into our Orlando shop, but the 2017 model year vehicle was suffering from more than its fair share of cosmetic damage, which made the car look old and less appealing than it deserved. We completed a two-stage paint correction process that got the car looking as good as new again, and then we applied coats of Ceramic Pro that created a super hard coating that will prevent the minor scratches and scuffs that had the car looking worn when it arrived to us.

Vehicle Ceramic Pro in Orlando prevents fading caused by all that Florida sun, it helps water slide off cars and prevents water marks, and it resits the scratches and little dents caused by road debris, contact with brambles and bushes, and discoloration created by fuel or chemical spills.