A Shine That Will Last for This Dodge Challenger Thanks to Ceramic Pro

The Dodge Challenger is something of a contradiction: how can one car manage to look both tough and elegant at the same time? How can a car look both rugged and yet strangely graceful? The secret there lies in great design. Our job is just to ensure the good looks last, which is exactly what we did for this gorgeous 2019 Dodge Challenger.

The Dodge Challenger owner opted for the Ceramic Pro Silver Package which sees the entire exterior of the automobile treated with several coats of Ceramic Pro, including a high shine topcoat that looks great and will help the car shed water, meaning fewer washes and no streaks or hard water masks that not only look bad but that can even permanently change the appearance of the car.

Note the high shine created by Ceramic Pro for this Dodge Challenger.

Protective Coating at the Nano Level

Ceramic Pro creates a nano ceramic level coating over the exterior of your car that rates a 9H on the hardness scale, the same scale used to rate the hardness of natural materials like diamonds. While incredibly thin and optically transparent, the layer of protection created by Ceramic Pro can resist scratches, abrasions, chemical and fuel stains, and myriad other types of cosmetic damage.

Good looks that will last for years.

And unlike with car wax or other temporary products that can make a car look good and offer some protection for a little while, Ceramic Pro is a permanent upgrade. This ultra hard coating will last for years, protecting your car against the damage that would make it less appealing and that can also greatly reduce resale value.

When the time comes — in many years — for the sale of this 2019 Dodge Challenger, it will still be looking great thanks to this treatment with Ceramic Pro.