A 2018 Porsche Targa Gets the Orlando Ceramic Pro Gold Package

Ceramic Pro Keeps Your Car Looking Its Best For Years

Porsche did an amazing job designing their gorgeous Targa sports car, and this 2018 Porsche Targa owner did the right thing for his vehicle by ensuring it will stay looking its best thanks to Ceramic Pro. We applied the Ceramic Pro Gold Package, which among other layers means four complete coats of Ceramic Pro 9H, the hardest type of nano ceramic coating the company makes and one of the most durable treatments any car can get.

Careful application of a coat of Ceramic Pro in Orlando.

What’s the most important step to take before we apply Ceramic Pro, though? Simple. Cleaning.

High shine and damage protection thanks to Ceramic Pro.

Two Stage Paint Correction for Cars In Orlando

Before wet ever coat a vehicle with Ceramic Pro, we make sure the car (or truck or van or SUV) is in its best possible shape in terms of exterior aesthetics. This means restoring any damage to the paint job, fixing scratches, swirls, water marks, and more. And then it means the best car was the car has ever enjoyed. When we’re done restoring and cleaning a car’s exterior, it will be in like-new showroom quality, so when we apply the Ceramic Pro that will lock in and protect those looks, we’re doing it for a car that truly deserves the best it can get.